Springfield man transferred to area hospital after spending two months battling COVID-19 in Kansas City

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A Springfield man was transferred back to an area hospital Friday after spending two months at a hospital in Kansas City battling COVID-19.

Michelle McGee and her husband, Marc, both tested positive for COVID-19 in December.

After spending four days at Cox South on a ventilator, Marc was transferred to Kansas City where he was hooked up to an ECMO and other machines for nearly two months.

“It literally almost killed him,” McGee says. “There was one point where his heart stopped for a full minute and they had to do CPR on him. He was that sick.”

McGee spent every day for the last month visiting him at St. Luke’s.

“It was hard because I knew my husband needed me, but my kids needed me also,” McGee says. “I had to choose, and I knew my kids would be fine because my mom was taking care of them. My husband needed me more.”

McGee says her husband doesn’t remember anything since he was first taken to the hospital in December, until he became conscious again three weeks ago.

”In a way, it’s kind of a blessing that he doesn’t remember all the struggles and the pain he had to go through,” McGee says.

Marc’s fight with COVID-19 is nowhere near over.

“He’s 49 years old, and when he went into the hospital, he was healthy and strong,” McGee says. “Now, he woke up and he can’t move his arms and legs.”

He’s now in an acute hospital in Springfield with months of physical therapy in his future.

“The goal is to get him to where he can be somewhat self-sufficient,” McGee says. “They’ll transport him to an inpatient physical rehab where he can build his strength and learn how to walk again.”

McGee says her faith is what’s kept her going over the last few months.

“Friends and family and strangers have just given their love and support to us,” McGee says. “I couldn’t thank them enough, because without the prayers and the support of the medical community, I don’t think I would have my husband today. I’ve had strangers and neighbors that I’ve never met before come up to me and just pray with me.”

McGee says the financial burden of the hospitalizations is weighing on her family, but Marc’s health is all that matters to her right now.

“We are going to struggle,” McGee says. “It’s going to be hard, but as long as we have each other we can make it through.”

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