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Mission Rehab in New Albany has a good word-of-mouth reputation for making people feel better quickly.

“We get you well in one or two visits,” said owner and operator of Mission Rehab J. Pullman.

The business, which is located at 107 and 109 W. Main St., has been open for nearly 10 years.

Pullman has lived in New Albany since 2007. He explained that he and his wife, Eydie, and their three children moved to North Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home in Waveland.

The family initially moved to Oxford where Pullman worked for the hospital. Then he was offered an administrative role with Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County. He was with the hospital in New Albany until 2011.

Shortly after that he opened his business, Mission Rehab. Pullman has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Buffalo. He also has a master’s in healthcare administration and a doctorate in business administration with a concentration in operations management.

His two daughters, Natalie and Cecelia, graduated from New Albany High School, and his son, Elliott, is a senior there now.

In his spare time Pullman enjoys playing tennis, exercising, running and golf. After moving here from the coast of Mississippi, Pullman said he decided to stay in New Albany because “The community just sort of envelopes you.”

Moreover, Pullman, who grew up in New York State, said there is a strong school system here. He moved to Gulfport in 1991 right after he graduated college and fell in love with the coast of Mississippi and the state in general.

He said the reason he calls his business Mission Rehab has to do with the fact that he did mission work in Brazil and the Mississippi Delta through First United Methodist Church of New Albany. Doing the mission work made a strong impact on Pullman, and he wanted the mission to continue.

Pullman is a physical therapist who offers therapy services for musculoskeletal issues. He primarily uses manual techniques, dry needling and recovery exercise.

Dry needling involves the use of acupuncture needles to affect trigger points in the body. Trigger points are those spots where nerves come in and get irritated and inflamed, he said. He can address those issues to improve overall symptoms, he added.

People who are experiencing muscle or joint pain can get help at Mission Rehab. The clinic also helps people who have neurological problems. Sciatica, neuropathy in the feet and blood flow pain are among the many issues that Mission Rehab provides treatment for.

About 95 percent of Pullman’s clients are well with two or less visits, he said. Neck pain, hip pain, rotator cuff injuries, back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain are also treated at Mission Rehab. Headaches, jaw pain, vertigo, dizziness, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis are other issues he can help people with.

Pullman said a lot of patients come to his clinic because they have heard good things about his services. He added that he takes most insurances, and his charges are reasonable. He tries to cap out-of-pocket costs at $100 for the first visit and $75 for a follow up.

He enjoys this type of work, saying, “It’s hard not to like a job where people get well in a visit or two. That’s satisfying.”

Moreover, he said his clinic offers a relaxed setting that patients appreciate, and the waiting area even has massage chairs.

Some patients who come to Mission Rehab have had some type of injury. Others may have issues related to aging, such arthritis.

All of the hands-on care at the clinic is provided by Pullman, and Trinity Williams is his administrative assistant. Pullman has seen clients as young as 5 and as old as 104 and also helps high school athletes.

Mission Rehab sees people from throughout the region.

A massage therapist, Shannon Cox, also shares space in Mission Rehab, and appointments can be scheduled with her by calling 662-266-2644.

Dr. William Johnson, who specializes in medical weight loss, is also located in the clinic and can be reached at 662-538-8009.

Mission Rehab can be reached at 662-538-8258.

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