How To Get Tenants Out Of Your House Without Evicting

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Do you have a tenant in your property that you are trying to get out and would prefer not to go through the eviction process??

In this video Sam discusses several ways to get a tenant out of your rental property without having to evict them. There are steps you can take, even before you tenant moves in, to help avoid having to kick them out through the eviction process.

There are also several things you can do after the tenant is moved in to get them out of the property. You must know the legalities and do everything fairly and the right way, but if you listen this video you can save a ton of money and time getting the tenant out!

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29 Replies to “How To Get Tenants Out Of Your House Without Evicting”

  1. How do y'all deal with the seasoning period required to refinance your rentals? If I have $120k of capital and put 75% of it in a deal (including closing and rehab costs) but have to wait 6 months before I am able to pull my money out, is the only real solution to fund a new deal private/hard money?

    I guess what I am getting at is that even if I had access to $300k worth of capital, I could at most acquire 6 houses a year (~100k all in/each) which is assuming a pretty hard to come by 3 month seasoning and a 3 month renovation that goes absolutely perfectly.

    I am a sophomore in college who is completely naive to the regulations behind refinancing a BRRRR, so any help on this subject is greatly appreciated!

  2. How would someone like me with nothing to offer get someone in a position such as you are to mentor them? I know a lot of people offer for you to pay courses to take but i am trying to think like a broke investor. Invest what I can. So…. what if I offer is time. I put in say x amount of hours helping say you or someone in positions like you weekly daily or monthly helping to the best of my abilities in return for mentoring. I truly hate my job but I make 90k so I work it to support my family. My wife is a nurse in 14 months then I can pursue an interest of mine. Real estate is my interest. Any chance I can trade you my personal time in exchange for knowledge and experience. Everyone wants something for nothing. I at least wanna offer what I can. Any chance you are in search of a motivated obsessive hard worker to take under your wing? I know it’s a long shot commenting on someone’s YouTube but I’m just trying to find a good mentor so swinging for the fences.

  3. Great video! I just found your channel recently and I like your content. I’m in STL also, trying to network and get my RE IQ up. I currently own 4 rentals and looking to grow. I’d love to learn from you guys. How do I get started?

  4. I have a tenant that hasn’t paid over 6 months.. most likely it’ll be over 10 months .. literally to 1 year!! I’ll be out thousands of dollars!! Nothing I can do till feb.1. Then , that will probably drag on … cost me quite some thousands. Who knows of I’ll recoop any of it. Especially if tenant claim all sorts of things. Cash for keys is not a bad idea. I even offered to get the tenant out and I’ll forgive the rent , but.. nope they won’t do it. Attorneys can’t move forth either.

  5. Thank you for posting Im in AR and they will not let me evict until Jan 2nd. There are 2 people receiving a check from yhe government and one that work and their income have not stop due to covid-19. I would really like to get them out.

  6. Great video. But I have a roommate who was ex cops.. he’s being a terrible person. He’s a liar and a manipulator. I had a 1 year lease with him and it looks like he won’t leave.

  7. Hi, my dad has tried giving the people renting his house an eviction order but they still won't leave what can he do? They are 2 months late in rent and haven't paid bills either.

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