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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. – The Douglas County Board of Commissioners will review a plan at their April 15 meeting to transition from State control of COVID response and recovery to local control.

If approved, the plan, titled the Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Plan, will be submitted to the State COVID-19 Task Force in accordance with the Nevada Roadmap to Recovery Transition Plan. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said counties with an approved plan could take control of their own recovery plans on May 1, 2021.

The plan calls for the opening of all businesses and gatherings with social distancing and face covering guidelines in place. The plan identifies those business types that are under the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada (including the Gaming Control Board) and outlines how those businesses must follow the State mandates.

Following the May 1, 2021 transition, Douglas County will work towards reopening up to 100 percent of occupancy limits provided social distancing requirements can be met. The County proposes:

– Limit the size of public gatherings and events, as well as youth and adult recreational sports, to 250 maximum people through June 30, 2021 and will continue to follow the State’s guidance and planning process for both.

– Public meetings may continue to be held virtually, if necessary, and will only occur in person if social distancing requirements can be met.

– All businesses and events will be required to follow the Governor’s directives
which remain in place regarding wearing face masks, social distancing and hygiene consideration.

– Continue to make vaccination efforts a community priority.

– Continue to enforce the directives within local government operations to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and the public they serve

– Community/Recreational Centers (including public pools) – Up to 100% occupancy that meets social distancing requirements. Use of community locker rooms & showers must meet social distancing requirements.

– Food & Beverage Establishments: Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries (those that serve food & those that do not) – Indoors – Up to 100% occupancy that meets social distancing requirements. Outdoors – No occupancy limits but must meet social distancing. No more than 6 persons per table with social distancing requirements.

– Places of Worship – Up to 100% occupancy that meets social distancing requirements

– Gyms, Fitness Studios, Yoga Studios, Dance Studios, Martial Arts Studios & Similar Establishments – Up to 100% occupancy that meets social distancing
requirements. Use of community locker rooms, showers, saunas, vapor baths, salt therapy rooms, spas and other communal areas must meet social distancing requirements. Frequently clean saunas, showers & locker rooms.

– Spas, Massage Therapy & Massage Establishments – Must operate according to NV State Board requirements.

– Dayclubs, Nightclubs & Karaoke – Up to 100% occupancy that meets social distancing requirements.

– Social Distancing – Consider reservations. Mark 6 ft. distances and create one-way routes Limit physical contact between members. Limit vocal activity. Close waiting or gathering areas and buffets. Host smaller events in larger rooms.

– Cleaning and Sanitizing – Opt for pre-packaged and single-use cups. Limit use of shared or passed items. Contactless check-in, menus & payment options. Stagger services for cleaning. Limit shared equipment. Disinfect high-touch areas.

– Personal Hygiene – Require patrons/guests to stay home if ill. Screen guests/patrons for symptoms. Consider gloves for staff. Require employees to stay home if ill. Screen staff for symptoms. Require masks. Make hand sanitizer available and disinfectant available.

– Facility Maintenance – Encourage drive-in or outdoor services. Encourage pick-up, delivery, or outdoor seating. Supplement HVAC systems with open windows and fans. Refresh air in sauna and spa treatment rooms. Train all staff/members in new protocols.

In other action, the commissioners will consider voting to approve Resolution 2021R-038 in support of Assembly Bill 93 and Senate Bill 88 introduced in the current Nevada Legislature to limit the authority of the Governor to declare a State of Emergency without the approval of the Nevada Legislature.

The Commissioners meet at 10:00 a.m. on April 15 at the CVIC Hall, 1604 Esmeralda Ave., Minden. The meeting can also be seen here –

Their agenda, more information on how to participate, and complete plan can be found HERE with the plan on page.

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