6 Ways To Practice Selfcare During Pregnancy

Taking care of your mental health is as important as your physical health during pregnancy. Try these ways to incorporate self-care into your routine.

Selfcare during pregnancy is as important as caring for your baby. A happy mom gets a happy baby. During pregnancy, moms can’t help but worry full-time about the consequences of their actions on the baby. But the baby needs you to be happy. Quit worrying, and instead try out these 6 simple ways to practice self-care during pregnancy.

6 A Healthy Diet & Plenty Fluids

According to Munchkin, you should eat the rainbow as much as you can. This means that a big part of your meals should be various fruits and vegetables, but don’t forget your proteins and carbs. Since the baby pushing up on your tummy makes it hard to eat large servings of meals, take small portions at a time. You probably feel hungry every other hour, and that’s a good sign. Eat whenever you feel hungry. When you leave the house, carry healthy snacks.

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Your baby demands lots of fluids, and if you don’t drink enough fluids, it will dehydrate you. Drink plenty of fluids and water during the day. Cut back on drinks in the evening to reduce bathroom visits at night. Staying hydrated reduces water retention and constipation during pregnancy.

5 Rest & Take Naps

You might find it hard to sleep throughout the night because of your growing belly or if your baby wakes up at night to play. These are just consequences of pregnancy. Not to mention the gnawing fatigue from nourishing a baby full-time and the hormones. Whenever you get the chance to nap in the daytime, please take it. Kathy Lee, the professor of Nursing at the University of California San Francisco, told Live Science that expectant women should get at least 7 hours of sleep. She says that sleeping for two is as real as eating for two.

To help you sleep better, Lee recommends the following tips:

Lee warns pregnant women against using sleeping pills or supplements like melatonin.

4 Mindfulness

Mindfulness teacher Nancy Bardacke, CNM, told Parents that mindfulness helps you feel content and flexible. In autopilot mode, we focus on what’s missing and what needs to be done, so much that we don’t see or feel what’s going on around us. Nancy offers the following strategies to practice mindfulness during pregnancy.

  • You start with simple steps, like doing the dishes mindfully.
  • Whenever you catch yourself lost in thoughts, stop and come back to the present.
  • Make your baby your mindful teacher. When she/he moves, bring yourself back to the present to be one with your baby. Feel your baby move, feel how you breathe.

When you are mindful, you assume everything will be fine and stop worrying about the future or the past.

3 Practice Yoga

Anyone can do yoga. According to yoga teacher Karen Costa, practicing yoga will keep you centered and help you send your baby positive energy. The beauty of yoga is that you stretch so many muscles without leaving your house. According to Healthline, yoga will help relieve backache, nausea, and anxiety while improving your strength, flexibility, and sleep. Before beginning a yoga routine, let your instructor know that you are pregnant or consult with your doctor. Besides yoga, you can engage in other gentle physical activities like walking, belly dancing, or swimming.

2 Massages

If you can get your hands on a prenatal masseuse, don’t hesitate. Do not underestimate the power of a foot massage either. If your partner could massage your feet or rub your back, let him. According to Yinova Center, prenatal massage therapy reduces your chances of complications like incontinence and prolapse while improving your uterus’s health. Massages also relieve stress, giving you better rest and sleep.

1 Indulge

Pregnancy does not mean you can’t do the things you always do. Go out, go on dates with your partner, visit places and take walks. Don’t give up your pretty face because you are pregnant. Use pregnancy-safe skincare products, stay clean and dress up. You can hire stylish maternity clothes to shine even with a baby bump. When you crave something, go for it. While you cannot do everything in the books, you should do as much as you can. But you need to practice moderation. Too much of anything becomes poisonous.

Pushing yourself to do things you don’t want to do will be counteractive to self-care. Whatever makes you happy, you should do more of it. Avoid negative people and negative thoughts, and focus on positivity. And even when you compare yourself with other moms, love yourself just as you are.

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