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Hangout Time: 10:00

Worship Rally: 10:30


This is a common question: Why a biker church when there are so many churches already? It’s not that there aren’t incredible churches out there that accept bikers, heck  – they may even have a few of us that attend. It’s not that some churches don’t want to reach bikers, bikers don’t want them. The very idea of “church” repels many bikers. Maybe it’s something from our past that is brought to mind every time we hear the word “church” like being dragged there as a child. Or maybe we tried a mainstream church and due to our appearance we got horrified looks or the cold shoulder. We have heard it many times, “So-and-so said they would never step foot in a church, but a church of bikers: that they would check out”. The idea of being among peers appeals to all of us, a place of acceptance where we don’t have to put on a mask to be wanted in the place.

God has put out a call to the biker community through Freedom Biker Church, searching for His lost sheep. He has provided a place where we want to be, a community of love, respect and acceptance specifically made for us. It’s not our desire to introduce bikers to church, but to introduce them to Jesus. At Seven Cities Biker Church we respect and desire to reach bikers because God has put a burden and passion in our hearts for our friends. There is nowhere else we’d rather be than right in the middle of our incredible biker family.

A biker church is God’s idea and His solution to reaching His wonderful, crazy, misfit kids where we can feel His love and come home.

What to Expect

The Real Deal!

“Freedom Biker Church is truly about being real and being free.”

A normal day at seven cities churchWhether you have experienced true freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ, but just haven’t found that ‘right place’ to park your scoot and fit in, or whether you’re still searching for something… Freedom Biker Church is the place for you. So saddle up, ride on over, and check us out at one of our many locations.

Though each Freedom may be different in style or structure (Some may be more like Baggers while others have more of a Chopper flare), we all share the same passion, realness, and genuine love for motorcycles, and each other. Most of all, we are Full Throttle for Christ’s sake.

Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!


About Us

FREEDOM is a special thing. Every Freedom Biker Church within the FBC Network repersents in the realest way the ultimate freedom we all desire (John 8:36).  Because of our genuine passion for the open road, love for the Brotherhood, and desire to know God in a REAL & PERSONAL way we think that it really doesn’t get any better than this.  At least NOT until we get to Heaven!  NO DOUBT!

Our Core “FAMILY” Values

It’s all about the ride.

  • real, personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Character development as we continually grow in Christ.
  • Study of the “Bible”, our owner’s manual for life.
  • Strengthening the Family and our Brotherhood (Sisters also).
  • Providing an Atmosphere that supports and affirms the Biker way of life.
  • Being real in Christ… genuine, authentic relationships.
  • Promoting an environment of “Freedom” for all people.
  • Developing leadership for future Churches in the Biker world.

Our Mission

Gather > Grow > Go>
We are GATHERING together to develop a Brotherhood of Bikers bound together by a faith relationship in Jesus Christ, GROWING as committed followers (Disciples) who share a passion for Bikers and the freedom of the open road; Bikers reaching Bikers, GOING out into the seven cities of VA and the world, with the Message of real Freedom in Jesus Christ.

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